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Hunny Bunny
He was my first pet ....I know it is a little bit weird to have a bunny ...but I am a princess and I do not care really much what people will have to say about that . Haha Anyway ,I just wanted to share with you a small part of my life . His name is “P “ by the way .
BBL / 250.000 tokens DREAM COME TRUE #bbl
My biggest dream is to have a big big booty. I tried everything...exercises, healty food, diets but nothing worked as I want ,and im still not confident enough to wear a dress . Its a sad feeling inside me... And i start searching how can i get a big booty ,and i found an exceptional plastic surgeon in Mexico,who do the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I would appreciate if you guys can support me in this journey. This journey its a bit expensive ,around 250.000 tokens,but every small token from you will be appreciate, I promis. When the amount will be collected,i would take you with me in this journey. Please dont forget to use the #bbl hashtag along with your tip
Boobs Club
Alright gentlemen’s ,Boobs Club it’s ready for opening. Don’t forget to bring your wallet with you tonight !!! Boobs Club is The most wanted club that you could join in . From my life and webcam girl experience ,I’ve gained some knowledge and I understand that almost 99,99 % of men’s love playing and “jiggle” (as I like to say )with big boobs . Well I’m about to say something that you won’t believe it ,but almost 99.99% of women’s love to be kissed and licked on nipples...we have a small G spot there too ! This club is for you gentlemen’s , any each of you can join in my club . Of course there gonna be benefits for everyone who wanna join in. For only 2222 tokens you get : - Access in the Club - Privilege to be my knight - Your name in the Boobs Club - Free custom videos jiggling my boobs on K.I.K/ Snap - Free custom pictures of my boobs on Snap/K.I.K - Privilege to be the first person who see my next photo shootings in real time (this is a premiere). Welcome in the Club!
Feeling Lucky Tonight?
Here is the Wheel Of Love ! For 55 tokens you can get a lot of fun !
Romanian culture
Remember when I told you I am from Romania ? Well I want to share with you guys our traditional folk costume and more of my culture! In Romania when we have guests,we wear this flower shirt called “ie” and welcome the guests with bread and salt ! It’s a lovely tradition . And of course you will ask me why bread and salt ??? Lol Well the bread is the symbol of life and salt is the symbol for richness! The salt ,back in our history times was more valued then gold ! And tradition says ,if you taste from our bread and salt you will live a veryyyy long life and of course very rich one ! Haha haha
Did I told you I love unicorns??? I don’t even know if they are real ....but still love everything that have shape and color of a unicorn. I am not crazy hahaha ,I just believe in fairytale. P.S I find this huge unicorn head mask into a supermarket and I freaking loveeeee it !
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